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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Find A Retailer
Simply click on Find a Retailer and enter your zip code. We’ll find stores within your area that carry our boots. Or if you’d prefer not to leave your sofa, refer to our list of online retailers. Please note that we make over 500 boot styles for men, women and children – our dealers may carry a selection of boots, but not the entire product offering.

2. Where do I get prices?
Prices are set by dealers only. Your local store or online dealer will be able to provide pricing and availability.

3. How do I get the right fit for my boots?
Generally, your boots should be the same as your normal shoe size. However, differences in leather, toe, and heel height can affect the way your boots fit. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect fit:
  • We’ll knock your socks off, but you still need ‘em. Try your boots on with the thickness of socks that you plan to wear with your boots.
  • Have a seat. It’s much easier to pull boots on when you are sitting. You should hear a soft “plop” when your foot settles into the boot. Now stand.
  • Touchdown! Find your foot “ball.” It should be positioned at the widest part of the boot’s outsole. When you stand, the arch of your foot and the boot should match.
  • This little piggy… Stand up – do your toes softly touch the leather? If the smaller toes extend beyond the stitching on the top of the outsole or if the toe causes a bump, the boots are too short.
  • Wrinkles are good. You can determine if your boots fit across the instep by taking the leather between your thumb and index finger and rubbing your thumb across the instep. If the boots are too loose a large wrinkle will appear. A slight wrinkle means the boots fit.
  • Heel. Good Dog. Heel slippage is normal and does not mean the boots are not fitted properly. After you have worn your boots a few times, the heel slippage should stop.

4. Warranty
We know you expect the very best when it comes to your boots, which is why our products are manufactured under rigid quality control standards and are thoroughly inspected.

But every once in awhile, a dud slips through...In the event that you feel you have a defective pair of boots, please return them to the store of purchase or to the internet dealer for inspection and evaluation. We are not responsible for damages due to customer abuse or neglect. We cannot guarantee any boot that has been repaired or altered.

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